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Albrecht Precision Chucks

Albrecht Precision Chucks

June 1908. Josef Albrecht founds our company. Starting in a small precision mechanical work shop a triumphal procession began which has changed the metal processing in the area of drilling and in 1932 the world’s first keyless self-tightening drill chuck was invented here.From this date everybody was able to work without an extra clamping key. An invention which established itself over the course of only a few years.

Even now this spirit accompanies us and our products. We increase the performance of machine tools. Our APC Precision Chuck holds worldwide a special position. It sped up milling significantly. The combination of speed, gripping force and damping is what makes the difference. Ahead of everyone – is vitally important to us.

At present, the Albrecht APC is the best performing chuck world wide. In the area of speed, tool life and safety.

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