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Custom Tools

Our customised tooling range includes drills, form drills, reamers, end mills to name a few. Custom tooling are designed to save cycle time and improve efficiency and accuracy by replacing multiple operations with one custom step. Drills can be designed for any workpiece material and application, including straight or spiral flute, internal coolant and PVD coating.

State-of-art CNC tool grinding equipment is used to produce specialised cutting tools, distribute to industries such as automotive, aerospace, marine, transport, construction, surgical, manufacturing and agriculture. All tools are subject to stringent quality and performance checking and testing to ensure best performance and results.

Regrind & Recoat

Regrinding significantly reduces tooling costs over buying new tools, both HSS and Carbide. Our customers benefit from advanced grinding expertise providing high accuracy and quality. All tools are subject to strict quality and performance checks and testing to ensure the best results

Complementing our regrind process, we provide a PVD coating service. This process is at the forefront of Australian heat and surface treatment. Using world-leading technology, coatings are available to solve a wide range of problems relating to friction and wear, thereby improving tool performance and increasing tool life up to 300-1000% compared to uncoated

Stock control

Store management and vendor refill solutions can be tailored to your needs no matter how big or small your business.

It ensures reliable and immediate availability of your stock needs including inventory replenishment and stock-takes that are integrated within your existing stores facility or infrastructure.

Our service also provides experienced technical product specialists with extensive industry experience, reduced purchase orders and a number of vendors, as well as reduced stock holdings and obsolescence.


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